Why CyberLynk

Why should you sell your company to CyberLynk?

The hosting industry is in the midst of a trend that is seeing some of the most prominent brands relocating their datacenter operations to the Midwest. Bank of America, Google, and Microsoft are just some of the well known companies that have decided to set up shop in the heartland of the America. While there are several areas in the major market regions, the state of Milwaukee is arguably the best choice for hosting colocation services. Dues to its low risk of natural disasters Milwaukee proves to be a great place for datacenters to house hosting servers.

A snapshot of CyberLynk:

  • CyberLynk is privately held. Our parent company has a technology background and has the financial resources to fund this type of growth.
  • CyberLynk's current datacenter has 55 cabinets of colo/rackspace to our Milwaukee, WI datacenter. We have plenty of power and additional floor space for growth. We own and maintain our own datacenter with expansion ability to grow by another 50 cabinets.
  • CyberLynk has a staff of high level engineers that maintain our network, servers and support services.
  • CyberLynk has been acquiring companies over the past several years and we have successfully migrated those acquisitions to our server hardware and datacenters. We have a proven process developed to make the migrations seamless to the customers.
  • CyberLynk has been in business for 15 years. CyberLynk started as a local Internet Service Provider in SouthEastern Wisconsin. As you can see from our websites we offer a full range of ISP services to primarily business customers. Our other brands like Doreo, interAdvantage and TBhost cater to linux hosting resellers.
  • CyberLynk is currently running WHMCS as our billing system.
  • CyberLynk has been a cPanel NOC Partner for over 10 years.
  • CyberLynk can turnup servers very fast with without the hassles/costs that you would otherwise experience with an outsourced datacenter/dedicated server provider.
  • CyberLynk also offers additional hosted applications and service in our datacenters so the costs of providing these value add services are much lower. The overall Cost of Sales is much lower at CyberLynk since already have the infrastructure in place.
  • CyberLynk its own AS number with multiple 1Gbps connections to the Internet  using BGP along with both IPv4 and IPv6 IP Addresses from ARIN.
  • CyberLynk is a Google Adwords Partner

As you can see by the listing above CyberLynk is a large provider in the hosting marketplace. We have the resources to make sure your customers are taken care of and in most cases your customers with receive better service for support and server uptime.