Questions for Seller

CyberLynk wants to know more about your company

While every acquisition is unique CyberLynk has a generic list of questions that we ask to learn more about each acquisition. The questions below are more of the general questions we ask initially so we can get familiar with how your company hosting is setup. After these questions are answered we then submit more detailed questions to you which will speak specifically to the way your company operates. 

General Information

  • Why are you selling your hosting company or specific customers?
  • What year was your company founded?
  • What type of company are you? (LLC, S/C Corp, etc)
  • What does the ownership look like? (shareholders with percentages)
  • State of Legal Organization? (like Wisconsin)
  • Number of full/part time employees and roles? (including owners)
  • Are there any lawsuits against the company?
  • What is being sold? (all assets, shared hosting customers, etc)
  • Estimated number of customer accounts and annualized revenue by major product type that company offers (list the number of hosting accounts and the revenues they generate on an annual basis by product, such as shared hosting, VPS, CoLo, Dedicated, Dial Up, DSL, T1, etc)
  • Estimated number of total domains hosted?
  • Are the domain name and website design included with the sale.
    • If you are only selling specific customers related to a service, would you allow us to put up a splash message on your website for a certain time period in place of the current hosting pages?
  • Do you have additional domain names registered for your company? Are they included in the sale?
  • What domain registration provider are you using?
    • Can we take over the Opensrs, Enom, GoDaddy, Network Solutions and/or Bulkregister account that you use?
    • Who many domain names are registered in each registrar?
    • What price are you paying for .com, .net, .org, .info, etc?
  • How is technical support handled?
    • What are your hours?
    • Average number of tickets?
    • Is support outsourced? If so, what company do you use?
  • Do you think any of the VPS or Dedicated Server customers will mind being moved from the current datacenter to our datacenter? Sometimes we find these type of customers have a reason for being in that datacenter or region.
  • AAre you using WHMC for your billing system?
    • Can we get access to WHMCS or your current billing system to review and verify accounts?
    • Can you provide the following reports from WHMCS? Income Forecast, Sales by Product (for the last 3 months) and Annual Income Report for the past 3 years?/li>
  • Are the shared, dedicated and VPS servers leased or do you own them?
  • DDo you have a breakdown of packages and pricing showing how of each are sold?
  • What name servers are being used for your hosting accounts? Is that domain name included in the sale?
  • Estimated monthly revenue by type? (shared, reseller, dedicated, etc)
  • What are your current monthly expenses? (outsourced support, colocation, leased servers, licenses, etc)
  • Do you have any long term contracts for colo, leased servers, etc?
    • Are they month-to-month?
  • How do you customers pay you each month?
    • _____ % by Credit Card
    • _____ % by Paypal
    • _____ % by Google Checkout
    • _____ % by Bank Transfer
    • _____ % by Mail In/Check
    • _____ % by Other
    • _____ % by Other
  • Does your company have all the customers card information on file within your billing system?
    • Do you use Quantum's Vault service?
  • Do you invoice your customers on there anniversary date or the 1st of the month?
  • Frequency of billing for customer base?
    • _____ % Monthly
    • _____ % Quarterly
    • _____ % Semi-Annual
    • _____ % Annually
    • _____ % Bi-Annual
    • _____ % Tri-Annual

Virtual Private Servers (VPS's)

  • How many VPS's do you host?>Are the VPS's running Virtuozzo, OpenVZ, etc?
  • What controWhat control panel is used to manage the VPS?
  • The actual VPS's have control panels (like cPanel or Plesk)?
  • What datacenter is your hardware currently with?

Dedicated Servers

  • How many dedicated servers do you host?
  • Do you own Do you own the hardware?
  • What are the spec's of the hardware? (For both owned and leased servers)
  • What datacenter is your hardware currently with?

Shared/Reseller Website Hosting

  • How many shHow many shared/reseller servers do you operate?
  • What are the spec's of the hardware? (For both owned and leased servers)
  • How many shared accounts? (rough estimate)
  • How many reseller accounts? (rough estimate)
  • What operating system(s) are used?
  • IsIs your DNS clustered?
  • Do you control the DNS for the majority of the customers? What percentage?
  • What datacenter is your hardware currently with?

Does this list scare you? No need to worry. The process is actually very simple and we can also have a conference call to discuss this information too.