CyberLynk's team of engineers will make the acquistion process seamless for your customers. Our team has completed numerous acquistions over the years.
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CyberLynk Profile

CyberLynk has been in the hosting market since 1995 and is growing today at a record pace. If your looking to sell your hosting business CyberLynk can walk you through every step. Contact us today!
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What type of companies does CyberLynk acquire?

CyberLynk is looking to acquire the following types of companies:

  • Hosted Phone & SIP Trunk Hosting Companies: This includes companies that use FreePBX, Elastix, 3cx, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc.
  • Shared & Reseller Website/Email Hosting Companies: This includes companies that use WHMCS, cPanel, Plesk, etc.
  • Domain Registrars: This includes accredited ICANN domain registrars and hosting companies that simply resell a registrars domain name services.
  • VPS & Dedicated Server Companies: This includes companies that own datacenter, lease colo or lease servers in a datacenter.
  • Website Design Companies: If you have a strong website design business we can help.
  • Mac Mini Hosting/Colo Companies: By owning our datacenters CyberLynk can provide low cost and reliable mac mini colocation.
  • IT/Network Consulting Companies: With highly skilled network engineers already on staff we have the ability to provide your consulting customers with the onsite or remote support they require.
  • CyberLynk has the ability to acquire specific product/service lines of your business when you choose to not offer those services any longer.

CyberLynk's Premier Hosting Brand:

Your one stop source for everything hosting related. Offering Website & Email Hosting, Reseller options, VPS's, Dedicated Servers, Spam & Virus Filtering, Domain Names, SSL's, Colocation and much more...

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